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Big Five Basic Trait Clusters Essay Example for Free

Large Five Basic Trait Clusters Essay In the general field of brain science, the idea of quality of every individual includes all things considered their mentality, conduct, persuasive factor, and other huge attributes comparative with their uniqueness. These particular attributes show and decide predominantly their activities, recognition, and other thinking in which the qualities of their characteristic become the establishment of their character. Specifically to this field, the observational field of brain science builds up five significant character qualities huge in the assurance and grouping of character attributes. These significant arrangements are built up dependent on the showed quality of the included individual and its impact on the person’s social attributes and conduct. In the experimental field of brain science, the five significant quality bunches are set up as receptiveness, principles, extraversion, suitability, and neuroticism. The quality trait of transparency is essentially identified with the alliance and affectability of the individual towards the field of craftsmanship, experience, feeling, unordinary thoughts and erraticism, with a regularly elevated enthusiasm for inventiveness and creative mind. The quality of good faith show extraordinary propensity towards self-control, obligation, flexibility in real life and conduct, and tendency towards accomplishments. The characteristic of extraversion is portrayed overwhelmingly by soothing quality, positive feeling, and a huge inspiration from social friendship. The fourth attribute to be specific pleasantness show extraordinary inclination towards being empathetic and agreeable towards others with negligible adversarial conduct in their social relationship. The last attribute group to be specific neuroticism is described by the person’s powerlessness to horrendous feelings, for example, helplessness towards sorrow, outrage, conduct insecurity, and tension. Thinking about the attributes and central ideas driving each social bunch, this creator especially discover a lot of association towards the gathering grouping of transparency and principles showed with the conduct and character of this creator. In light of individual appraisal, among the prevailing conduct of this creator are his aesthetic expressionism, brave character, innovative structure, resourcefulness, and an extraordinary incentive towards interest. In light of this, this creator confirm that he is slanted towards an opened social characteristic yet, his recognition towards moral obligation and order makes him likewise an upright individual. In light of these elements, the creator of this paper has a place with the two qualities with an equivalent appearance of their attributes. Book reference Wiggins, Jerry S. (1996). The Five-Factor Model of Personality: Theoretical Perspectives. The Guilford Press. first Edition. ISBN-10: 157230068X.

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Super Tuesday Definition - Date and States That Vote

Super Tuesday Definition - Date and States That Vote Super Tuesday is the day on which countless states, a considerable lot of them in the South,â hold their primaries in the presidential race. Super Tuesday is significant in light of the fact that countless representatives are in question and the result of the primaries can hoist or end a competitors chances at winning their partys presidential assignment later in the spring.â Super Tuesday 2016 wasâ held on Tuesday, March 1, 2016. Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton developed with the most number of representatives on Super Tuesday 2016, pushing both toward their possible assignments at that years shows in Cleveland, Ohio, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Twelves statesâ hold primaries or councils on Super Tuesday. Voters in those statesâ go to the surveys around one month after the first-in-the-country Iowa assembly are held.â Super Tuesday 2016 wasâ the first presidential essential day under Republican National Committee rules intended to give expresses that vote later in the year more impact in the assignment procedure and at the GOP show in Cleveland, Ohio, in the mid year. Why Super Tuesday Is a Big Deal The votes that are thrown on Super Tuesdayâ determine what number of agents are sent to the Republican and Democratic national shows to speak to their individual possibility for the presidential designations. In excess of a fourth of the Republican Partys delegates are typicallyâ up for snatches on Super Tuesday, remembering for the top prize of 155 delegates in Texas. In excess of a fifth of the Democratic Partys delegates are available for anyone that day. As such, more than 600 of the 2,472 complete Republican agents to the partys national show are granted on Super Tuesday. That is a large portion of the sum important for the selection - 1,237 - available to all in a solitary day. In the Democratic primaries and caucuses,â more thanâ 1,00 of the 4,764 Democratic representatives to theâ partys national show in Philadelphiaâ are in question on Super Tuesday. That is about portion of the 2,383 required for the assignment. Super Tuesday Origins Super Tuesday started as an endeavor by southern states to win more prominent impact in the Democratic primaries. The primary Super Tuesday was held in March 1988.â Super Tuesday 2016 Delegate Rules Under the Republican Partys new principles, expresses that hold their primaries and gatherings on March 1 through March 14â awarded delegates on a relative premise rather than champ take-all. That implies no competitor can almost certainly win enough delegates to make sure about the selection before late-casting a ballot states get the chance to hold their primaries. The standard is intended to forestall states fromâ trying to jump each other for impact and consideration during the primaries. Rundown of States Voting on Super Tuesday The quantity of states holding primaries and assemblies on Super Tuesday 2016 wasâ larger than in the past presidential-political race year, in 2012. Just ten states held primaries or councils on Super Tuesday in 2012.â Here are the states that hold primaries or assemblies on Super Tuesday, trailed by the quantity of representatives being granted to the gathering shows: Alabama: 50 delegates in question in the Republican essential, 60 delegates in question in the Democratic primaryAlaska: 28 delegates in question in the Republican assemblies (the 20 delegates in question in the Democratic gatherings are granted on March 26, not on Super Tuesday)Arkansas: 40 delegates in question in the Republican essential, 37 delegates in question in the Democratic primaryColorado: 37 delegates in question in the Republican councils, 79 delegates in question in the Democratic caucusesGeorgia: 76 delegates in question in the Republican essential, 116 delegates in question in the Democratic primaryMassachusetts: 42 delegates in question in the Republican essential, 116 delegates in question in the Democratic primaryMinnesota: 38 delegates in question in the Republican gatherings, 93 delegates in question in the Democratic caucusesOklahoma: 43 delegates in question in the Republican essential, 42 delegates in question in the Democratic primaryTennessee: 58 delegates i n question in the Republican essential, 76 delegates in question in the Democratic essential Texas: 155 delegates in question in the Republican essential, 252 delegates in question in the Democratic primaryVermont: 16 delegates in question in the Republican essential, 26 delegates in question in the Democratic primaryVirginia: 49 delegates in question in the Republican essential, 110 delegates in question in the Democratic essential

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Topics For Classification Essay

Topics For Classification EssayMost college students do not think about the topics for classification essay when they are writing their college admission essay. They generally write about the life of their prospective major, their education, the reasons why they are taking the course, and other general information. They rarely think about what they should write about to separate their essay from a mass-produced essay.Students who want to stand out from the crowd should consider using several different topic for a college essay. The topics for classification essay are not only separate but also specific to the college student's personal opinion or perspective.Personal Essay - What you do on the weekends or in your free time should be included in your essay. You can go to church or the gym if you want to. If you choose to focus your essay on your hobbies, read books, or volunteer in your area, you will be much more valuable than just some sports fanatic. Also, include hobbies in your e ssay.Biography Essay - What you do in your spare time should be included in your essay. Focus on activities that give you satisfaction and build relationships with people.Education Essay - Students may ask themselves what their goals are for their life. Determine what types of subjects they may be interested in. If you have always wanted to be a doctor, you should talk about how important being a doctor is to you.True Personality - Students should focus on the things that are most important to them. If a student wants to be a veterinarian, he or she should talk about the rewarding tasks of being a veterinarian. If a student wants to be a teacher, he or she should focus on the rewarding work that teachers are required to do.Curriculum Focus - Students should discuss the content of their courses and the school's mission and goals. For example, if a student wants to be a doctor in a foreign country, he or she should mention what medical school he or she would attend. The topics for cla ssification essay for each school can vary greatly.The first step in using a great topic for the essay is deciding what your topic is going to be. After this is decided, the next step is coming up with unique ways to express yourself on the topic and to form your own opinions on the topics for college essay.

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Examples of How Not to Begin an Essay

When was the last time you ran across a really good hooker? Thats Stephen Kings term for a particularly enticing opening sentence in a story or essay—a knock-you-dead first line that compels you to keep reading. In Great Hookers I Have Known, King says that an effective hooker-sentence offers readers the pleasure of instant gratification (Secret Windows, 2000). The opposite of a hooker might be called a chaser—a bore-you-to-death introduction that drives readers away. At best, a chaser may hint at delayed gratification. More often it provides little more than an excuse to stop reading. Examples of the Worst Kinds of Essay Opening Lines Here are 10 examples of such boring or baffling opening lines—chasers that youll want to avoid when composing your own essays. The examples are in italics, and the explanations are in bold. According to my dictionary . . . Avoid leads [or ledes] that quote Websters—the Jim Belushi of openings, according to Annie Edison in Community. It accomplishes nothing, but everyone keeps on using it.When you gave us this assignment to describe in detail a place you know well, my first thought was to write about my bedroom closet. . . .As a general rule, avoid openings that comment on the writing assignment itself.One dark and stormy night, the ghost of General Oglethorpe grabbed me by the goolies and hurled me down the castle stairs. . . .Dont strain too hard to shock or amaze, especially if you cant maintain that level of excitement.Sometimes youve got to stick your neck out on a limb and keep your nose to the grindstone. . . .Avoid clichà ©s and mixed metaphors.In this essay, after giving the subject a lot of thought, I am going to write about . . ..Skip the announcements.Life is like a box of chocolates, my Mama used to say, quoting Forrest Gump. . . .Dont get too cute.Y our mama has terrible opinions on essay writing . . .Dont get belligerent.Framed fantastically against the expansive cerulean sky was a soaring wedge of gossiping, gabbling geese, a shimmering cocaine-colored V haloed in sunlight and dusted with the durable dreams of earthbound warriors . . ..Avoid excessive alliteration, needless modifiers, and Rogets Thesaurus.Wikipedia says . . . Challenge questionable facts and steer clear of dubious sources.It is a melancholy object to those who walk through this great town or travel in the country, when they see the streets, the roads, and cabin doors, crowded with beggars of the female sex, followed by three, four, or six children, all in rags and importuning every passenger for an alms.* . . .No matter what else you do, never plagiarize. * This is the opening sentence of Jonathan Swifts satirical essay A Modest Proposal.Now its time to take a more positive approach. For examples of fresh and compelling opening lines—that is, some truly good hookers—see these two articles: How to Begin an Essay: 13 Engaging Strategies With ExamplesWhack at Your Reader at Once: Eight Great Opening Lines

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Systems Analysis And Design Activities - 849 Words

Systems analysis Daniel Hawkins Enterprise Systems Analysis Design Introduction The first section of the briefing addresses the systems analysis and design activities in the organizational workplaces. The second part will explore the typical responsibilities and skill sets of a successful system analyst in the workplace. Usually, a systems analyst refers to a system designer in any organization. A systems analyst defines, develops, configures, and supports computer applications to improve business efficiency as well as productivity. Systems Analysis and Design Activities Systems projects that involve many departments will require a committee rather than an individual to approve them. The first step requires a proposal regarding the project. The plan entails the problem and its significance to the organization while giving alternative solutions (Kendall, Kenneth, and Kendall, 2006). It also analyzes the possible use of a computer to solve the problem while acknowledging the people interested in using the system. When the right people approve the project, then it is developed. Systems development life cycle (SDLC) involves the activities followed to generate new computer information systems. The SDLC consists of various steps. The first step is the preliminary analysis, which explains the problem and investigates it (McLeod, Raymond, and Sumner, 2006). The second step analysis the requirements. It evaluates the properties of the current system and those of theShow MoreRelatedSystems Development Life Cycle and Proj ect961 Words   |  4 Pagesan Information system, which is very complex. The systems development life cycle (SDLC) provides an overall efficient framework for managing the process of system development. Various organizations use information systems to support all kind of processes that a business needs to carry out its functions. There are different kind of information system and each has its own life, and system developer describe this idea as life cycle of system. During the life of an information system, it is first conceivedRead MorePhase One Exam. In Modern Day, Work Is Becoming Increasingly857 Words   |  4 Pagesdifferent system development methods which are structured analysis, object-oriented analysis, and agile methods. Also with those development methods project managers must perform an extra amount of activities to keep the project running smoothly. These activities are planning, scheduling, monitoring, and reporting. The first thing to know for any project is that the predecessor task must be completed before proceeding to the successor task that follows afterwards. (Systems analysis and design, tenthRead MoreMultiview Methodolgy1324 Words   |  6 PagesMultiview What is the Multiview Methodology? Multiview is an approach to system analysis and design and is accomplished by breaking view specification into independent tasks. It focuses on organisational goals and aims to further them by integrating the system in accordance to the people that work within the establishment. Reference: Ref: Applying Multiview to Next Plc The Multiview Framework Ref: www.cms.livjm.acRead MoreScenario Based Models During The Software Design Process709 Words   |  3 Pagescomputer based system, the customer satisfaction cab be done by presenting him the scenario based models during the software design process. In UML the scenario based modeling can be done by developing the scenarios in the form of use cases, activity diagram and swim lane diagrams. The use case diagram intended to capture the interaction between producer and consumer of the system. All the required functionalities can be exposed by creating the use case diagrams. Activity Diagram: The activity diagramRead MoreOutline The Principles Of System Analysis1619 Words   |  7 PagesOutline the principles of system analysis Need for Growth The drivers are need for advance and many businesses need to expand into new markets they develop new products and also increase their turnover and profits for them to do this they have` to plan effectively and they often will have to incorporates system analysis. Need to increase productivity The sales may have improved but there is also a need to improve capacity, also the activity of the competitors may require that the company their abilityRead MoreRocky Mountain Outfitters1084 Words   |  5 PagesWyoming, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada, and the eastern edge of California had seen tremendous growth in recreation activities† (RMO 2009). Because most outdoor and water sports had all become a tremendous interest in these states, to respond to the market,RMO expanded its line of sportswear. ROM’s natural extension meant considerable changes in transaction processing systems in order to handle their phone orders (Chapter 2 2004). RMO provides a Web site featuring its products and nearly allRead MoreSystems Analysis And Design Paper1574 Words   |  7 PagesSystems analysis and design Software projects have a poor track record and the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology stated that in 2003, software bugs cost domestic companies $59.5 billion (0.6% of GNP). The failure of IT costs the U.S. economy about $50-$150 billion annually (Budzier, 2014). In 2005, the FBI abandoned their Virtual Case File (VCF) project after spending over $100,000,000 on code that will never be used. Even so, the need for IT projects keeps increasing. (BudzierRead MoreA Description Of The Core Activities Within The Software Development Process1472 Words   |  6 Pagesthe core activities in the software development process 1. Requirements 2. Design 3. Implementation 4. Testing / verification 5. Documentation 6. Maintenance An explanation of the distinction between systems analysis and systems design and a description of the activities involved in each System development can generally be thought of having two major components: systems analysis and systems design. In System Analysis more emphasis is given to understanding the details of an existing system or a proposedRead MoreModern System Analyst Chapter 1 Essay1002 Words   |  5 Pages HW: Ch. 1 problems and exercises 1. Why is it important to use systems analysis and design methodologies when building a system? Why not just build the system in whatever way appears to be â€Å"quick and easy†? What value is provided by using an â€Å"engineering† approach? 2. How might prototyping be used as part of the SDLC? 3. Compare Figures 1-2 and 1-3. What similarities and differences do you see? 4. Compare Figures 1-2 and 1-4. Can you match steps in Figure 1-4 with phases in Figure 1-2? HowRead MoreCosting Techniques : Qualitative Techniques Essay1520 Words   |  7 Pagescomparison analysis of a new product with the products that have been manufactured previously in order to identify the similarities in the new one. Cost estimation for product similar to a past design is done by identifying similarities between old and new product with the help of historical design, manufacturing data and previous experience of an estimator. Sometimes, cost estimation can be achieved by making use of the past design and manufacturing knowledge encapsulated in a system based on rules

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Sports Basement Work For A High Performance - 995 Words

Sports Basement: I use to work for a high-performance establishment when I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. The easiest way to describe Sports Basement is to compare it to the â€Å"Costco† of sporting goods. Sports Basement motto is â€Å"Providing high end apparel at basement prices.† (Sports Basement) Four friends who had previously started their success from the dot-com era in Silicon Valley established the company first in San Francisco then opened up more location throughout the Bay Area. I was the marketing associate for the swim and triathlon department for all the stores. As one of the marketing associates for the company, I was coordinating with each department and store managers. Sports Basement has ten departments, which include running, bike, camp-hike, yoga, swim-triathlon, team sports, snow, men, women and kids. (Sports Basement) I got to witness first hand that I was working for a high-performance organization. (Self-managed work teams) and (Giving employees more control over decision making): Each department has a team of employees who are in charge of managing and coordinating their section. Each department has a department head that reports to the manager. The owners and the managers only hire employees who have actual knowledge and experience in the specific departments. This has allowed each department to be self-managing. In the text it states, â€Å"An organization’s HR strategies reflect its commitment to and treatment of its employees.† (Coulter, 2013, p.Show MoreRelatedNike And Organizational Structure1135 Words   |  5 Pagesstructure include its well-established brand name in the industry. The company positioned itself as a brand serving the needs of sports enthusiasts. The organizational structure of the company allows it to focus on its core competencies. This way, they can strengthen their core competency without worrying about other functions. The company has dedicated design team that works for designing innovative products and strives to g enerate more value for the customers. The design team helps the company inRead MoreOutline Of A Business Strategy Essay1713 Words   |  7 Pagesdone by Centers of Disease Control and Prevention which stated heart diseases could be prevented 40% less by walking 30 minutes every day[1]. That’s why we should move our bodies and get the appropriate outfit to do so. Under Armour is an American sports clothing and accessories company. It supplies sportswear and casual apparel. Under Armour began offering footwear in 2006. Under Armour s global headquarters is located in Baltimore, Maryland. Its European headquarters is in Amsterdam s OlympicRead MoreDesign And The Pursuit Of Innovation1782 Words   |  8 Pagesbetter†. He didn’t realize but that one, simple remark would soon launch the performance apparel Under Armour. After he graduated, he set out to make a superior T–shirt—one that stayed light and dry even in the nastiest conditions and Mr. Plan k has grew is organization form that. Under Armour, Inc. is an American sports footwear, clothing and accessories Company. Today, Under Armour produces the world’s most innovative performance footwear, apparel, and accessories and is a cornerstone on athletic fieldsRead MoreEvaluating Strategic Plan And Innovative Ideas For Teaching Essay1487 Words   |  6 Pagesdevelopment of student such as games and sports, extra curriculum activities etc., starting our international talent school in Punjab our main focus will be on the people those who want to have international standard of education, as in Punjab there are no proper high standard international schools and in our school we will have classes from lower kinder garden to 12th standard IMPORTANCE OF SCHOOL School is a temple and second home for students here they get high confidence, good information, totalRead MoreCeo - Kevin Plank1908 Words   |  8 Pagesan outgoing, people person. On the Big Five Personality Trait chart, he would be high on extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness and openness to experience. He always wanted to win, was good at motivating his teammates, he got along well with everyone and he was original and daring to take a risk and start up his own business. His internal locus of control probably contributed to him starting his own sports apparel business. Instead of being frustrated and blaming outside forces, he was ableRead MoreTodays Dominican Republic1570 Words   |  6 Pageslaws are passed by the congress and then executed by the executive through the leadership of the president. The president is concerned with the roles of appointing the cabinet, and being the commander of the countrys army. The president and his vice work in accordance to the te rms of the executive, and they are elected into office for a period of four years. The president does other roles like the appointment of the governors of the various governments (Bencosme Norton, 2005). These governors areRead MoreThe Effects Of Video Games On Teenagers1923 Words   |  8 Pagespurse of $30,000, and the finals have added suspense.† (â€Å"E-sports Come ‘Out Of The Basement’†) Video game players at the highest level can compete in frequent tournaments for large sums of money. While this money is not guaranteed, professional players can have consistent income through sponsorship deals or by being signed to an E-Sports team. Another job in the E-sports community is the following, as explained by David Gorman, who works in the field. â€Å"Basically, I explain what s going on, kindRead MoreUnder Armour Is Gaining Market Share And Challenging Nike2043 Words   |  9 Pages Abstract Under Armour is gaining market share and challenging Nike in the sports apparel industry. However, Under Armour is having major issues with inventory management and managing cost. Inventory cost has increased steadily over the past three years and is now at the point where it is out weighing revenue. UNDER ARMOUR: CHALLENGING NIKE IN SPORTS APPAREL 3 CASE DESCRIPTION Under Armour, Inc., was founded in1996, by Kevin Plank, by a former University of Maryland footballRead More1.A)For This Writer, The Definition Of Disaster Is When1536 Words   |  7 Pagestwenty-two years and my husband and I have two boys. Nolan is 18 and Cole is 12. This school year has been emotional for me with Cole starting middle school and Nolan graduating high school. Both boys have kept us very busy school sports. Nolan is a cross country runner and Cole plays baseball as well as any other sport he can fit into our schedule. At times, I feel as though I have a disastrous situation in our own home as I attempt to keep our busy schedules straight. 2. My area of expertiseRead MoreAn Athletic Sport Apparel Company1756 Words   |  8 Pagesan athletic sport apparel company that was built under the concept of creating superior base layer apparel that acts as a performance enhancer for serious athletes. Created by Kevin Plank, a former college football player at the University of Maryland, Under Armour has experienced exponential growth since it was founded in 1996 in Baltimore. The Under Armour story is a simple one, one where â€Å"two guys (Plank and his friend and company COO, Kip Fulks) working day and night in the basement of Plank’s

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Finance - Funding and Legislative Frameworks- myassignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about theFinance, Funding and Legislative Frameworks. Answer: SWOT Analysis The SWOT analysis of Axiata Group is shown below: Strengths Weaknesses Large size of the company along with strong employee base ( 2017) Presence of diversification in different segments Strong Research and Development department Strong goodwill and market reputation ( 2017) Low market share in recent years is a area of concern ( 2017) Low margin of profits in many segments in a weakness Opportunities Threats Increase in market penetration in internet usage ( 2017) Strong growth in population along with urbanization Strong growth in telecommunication service industry ( 2017) Advantage of IPO offering in other countries Rapid change in technology is a major threat. High competition in market ( 2017) Aggressive advertisement Presence of Smartphone war Market Growth Potential As per the above SWOT analysis, strong growth in telecommunication industry and increase in population in Malaysia have been creating growth opportunities for Axiata Group. Axiata Group is covering almost 95% of Malaysian population with their 2G and 3G network. For developing 3500 4G LTE sites, Axiata Group is continue investing in network coverage to boost their growth. In addition, Axiata Group has been investing in niche segments that have string growth potential. For this reason, Axiata Group has adopted the policy of investing in MVNOs in order to tap the niche telecommunication market of Malaysia. Thus, the company has made several partnerships with many other companies in the same industry ( 2017). Strategic Initiative Over the years, Axiata Group has been taking major strategic initiatives as per the changing business environments. In 2012, Axiata Group adopted the strategy of divesting 91% of their company shares in XL to offer investments to institutional investors. As per their strategic initiative, Axiata Group appointed CFO of Edotco group James Maclaurin. In 2014, Axiata Group completed the acquisition of Axis Telekom Indonesia. In 2015, Axiata Group completed the subscription of 80% stake of Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. In 2016, Axiata Group completed the acquisition of Ncelll Pvt. Ltd. that is the best mobile operator of Nepal ( 2017). Identification of Nearest Competitors Two of the major and nearest competitors of Axiata are Maxis Berhard and Digi Telecommunication. Figure 1: Market Share (Source: 2017) From the above figure, it can be seen that based on earned revenue, Maxis and Digi provides a tough competition to Axiata. In addition, all of these three companies acquire most proportion of the telecommunication market share. Thus, these two are the nearest competitors of Axiata. Identification of KPIs As per the annual report, Axiata uses four major Key performances Indicators (KPI) to measure the companys financial performance. They are Revenue Growth that indicates the growth in the revenue of the company; EBITDA Growth that indicates the growth in earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization; ROIC that is derived from EBIT less tax over average capital invested; and ROCE that is derived from EBIT less tax over average capital employed ( 2017). Competitors Analysis As per earlier discussion, two major competitors of Axiata are Maxis and Digi. Maxis is a major telecommunication company in Malaysia that was established in 1993. Maxis acquired almost 41% market share of Malaysian telecommunication industry. In 2014, the company registered 8.2 billion MYR as total revenue and 1.638 billion MYR as net income ( 2017). Digi is another major telecommunication company in Malaysia that established in 1995. Digi has acquired 30% of the market share of Malaysian telecommunication industry. In 2015, Digi registered 6.914 billion MYR as revenue and 1.723 billion MYR as net income ( 2017). References (2017).Annual Report 2016. [online] Available at: [Accessed 20 Oct. 2017]. (2017).AXIATA ANNUAL REPORT 2016. [online] Available at: [Accessed 20 Oct. 2017]. (2017).Axiata Group One of Asias largest telecommunications groups. [online] Available at: [Accessed 20 Oct. 2017]. (2017).Group Corporate Structure. [online] Available at: [Accessed 22 Oct. 2017]. BorneoPost Online | Borneo, Malaysia, Sarawak Daily News. (2017).Msian telecommunications industry remains highly competitive. [online] Available at: [Accessed 22 Oct. 2017]. (2017).Our Company | Digi - Let's Inspire. [online] Available at: [Accessed 20 Oct. 2017]. (2017).Malaysian telecom sector sees strong growth | FierceTelecom. [online] Available at: [Accessed 22 Oct. 2017]. Khmer Times. (2017).Smart Axiata joins NIPTICT to fund students - Khmer Times. [online] Available at: [Accessed 22 Oct. 2017]. Maxis. (2017).About Maxis | Maxis. [online] Available at: [Accessed 20 Oct. 2017]. (2017).INTERNET USERS SURVEY 2016. [online] Available at: [Accessed 22 Oct. 2017]. (2017).Malaysia Telecommunications Report. [online] Available at: [Accessed 20 Oct. 2017]. (2017).Axiata Group's profit sharply lower at RM657mil in FY16 - Business News | The Star Online. [online] Available at: [Accessed 22 Oct. 2017].